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Beautification Committee
  • The mission of the Beautification Committee of Village of Olympia Fields is to facilitate the beautification and enhancement of our community with the involvement and support of the Village President, Board of Trustees, Residents and Businesses. Click on the link above to learn more.

Community Relations Commission
  • The Community Relations Commission assures that people working or living in the Village of Olympia Fields will do so free from discrimination due to race, color, religion, sex, handicap status, familial status or national origin.  The Commission also promotes the Village’s quality of life with emphasis on its diversity as a major strength.  It initiates activities, which facilitates cooperation, understanding and respect among neighbors and residents.  The Commission also serves as the Fair Housing Review Board for the Village. The Community Relations Commission meets the first Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Village Hall. 
  • Members: Jessie Mae Bowie, Chairman, Dr. Lionel Barnes, Eloise N. Houston, Yuan Liang, Robert D. McCullough Jr., Beverly Sokol, Doris Stephenson, and Arlene Stevens. Trustee Liaison: Carolyn Gibson. 

Economic Development Committee
  • The Economic Development Committee develops opportunity specific and action oriented initiatives that fosters and further advances economic development within the Village of Olympia Fields. The committee will also work to support and develop the buisness community by presenting ideas, resources and programs that enhances their growth and development.
  • Members: Debbie Meyers-Martin, David A. Mekarski, AICP, Richard Gibbs, Trinette Britt, Elliott Johnson, Chair, Arthur Byrd, George Chandler, Elliott Johnson, Johnny Morris and Michael Lewis.

Educational Commission

  • The Olympia Fields Educational Commission promotes educational excellence in the primary and secondary school systems that serve the residents of Olympia Fields. The Commission meets the first Tuesday of every month at 6:30 p.m. at the Village Hall. The public is invited to attend these meetings.  Click on the link to get additional information.
  • Members: David A. Mekarski, AICP, Chairman Pro Tem, Dr. Ethel Collier, Reginald Ford, Dr. Ernest E. Gibson, Dr. Doris Langon, Cheryl Rutherford, Fred Veazey, Ilene Waite, Karen McCray, Donald Ransford, Kelvin Oliver and Delores Woods.  Trustee Liaison: Arthur Byrd


Finance Committee

  • The Finance Committee makes recommendations to the Village Board regarding the Fiscal Budget for all departments.  
  • Members:  Ernie Gibson, Gregory Foster, Louis Lee, Ngozi Okorafor, Albert Riley, Jr. and Bruce Betts. Trustee Liaison: Arthur Byrd

Golf Committee
  • The Golf Committee meets seasonally to plan the annual golf outing fundraiser.
  • Members: Arthur Byrd, Shiree Bush-Giblin, Lee Langon, and Ernie Gibson.  Liaison: Debbie Meyers-Martin, Village President

Human Resource Committee
  • The Committee on Human Relations makes recommendations to the Village Board regarding all employment matters affecting Village employees. 
  • Members:  Susan Gatlin-Moroney, Larry Mullins, Elke Godwin, Sue Gowen, and Carlando Owens.  Trustee Liaison: Howard Robinson. 

Planning And Zoning Commission
  • The Planning and Zoning Commission makes recommendations to the Village Board regarding all applications for development and re-development within the Village.  The Commission reviews requests for compliance with the Zoning Ordinance and considers the long-range impact of development.  It considers the appropriateness of a proposed land use utilizing the community’s future Land Use Map, the impact on traffic, density, project design and compatibility with surrounding properties.  The Planning and Zoning Commission meets the third Tuesday of each month at 7:30 in the Village Hall. 
  • Members:  Larry Green, Victor Blackwell, Robert Lewis, Hilde Betts, and Edward McKinnie. Trustee Liaison: Willis Pennington

 Public Safety

  • This Committee is responsible for seeing that the Village receives adequate police and fire protection service.  The Committee works closely with the Matteson Fire Department to ensure maximum fire protection at minimum cost to the Village.   The Committee makes recommendations to the Board regarding traffic and parking regulations. They work with staff to prepare a detailed annual budget for the department. 
  • Members:  Tim Bradford, Trevor Davis, Marshall Meilach, Richard Gibb, Nathaniel Grant, Robert Lewis and Michael Hogan. Trustee Liaison: Carolyn Gibson

 Sign Commission

  • The Sign Commission reviews and approves applications for signs within the Village.  They ensure that signs remain in conformance of Village codes. 
  • Members: John McDonnell, Building Commissioner, Willett Hudson, Trustee and Carolyn Gibson, Trustee.

 Veterans Commitee

  • Members: Lionel Barnes, Paul Cruse, Victor Garcia, Dorian Harper, Louis Irons, Gerald Kinnard, Nicole Mandeville, Dr. Harvey Levin, David Perozzi, Don Ransford, Lewis Smith, Mel Schneider, Ernie Gibson, and Ted Winters. Trustee Liaison: Willis Pennington Jr.


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