Village of Olympia Fields

Where People Make the Village

The Village of  Olympia Fields has very active Homeowners Associations that work closely with the village to promote the quality of life that we have all learned to appreciate in Olympia Fields.

  • Leon Francisco, President
  • Robert Marcus, Vice President
  • Peggy Brazley, Treasurer
  • Kathy Humecki
  • Clyde Hammond
  • Belinda Lowry
  • Lee Payton
  • Evelyn Owens
  • Bill Murray
  • Joanne Mitchell
  • Ted Hammons
  • Bernard Sheppard
The Greens
  • Sterling Burke, President
  • Shirley Johnson, Vice President
  • Sterling Burke, Treasurer
  • Jacqueline Lewis, Secretary
  • Beth Bongard, Director
  • Michele Austin, Director
  • Ivry James Hobbs, Ed.D., Director
  • Peter Payne, Director
  • Andre Jackson, Director
Greens Of Olympia Fields Town Homes
  • Doug King, President
  • Bob Austin, Vice President
  • Dr. Yvonne Austin, Secretary
  • Dr. Ed Dixon, Treasurer
  • Robert E. Falconer, Director of Landscaping
Hawthorne Hills
Lakes Of Olympia
  • Joann Rayburn, President
  • Sarah Robinson, Secretary
  • Kimberly Jackson, Treasurer
  • Otis Gilmore, Member
  • Vance Veazey, Member
  • Diane Taylor, Advisor
  • Toni Arnold, Advisor
  • Nathaniel Grant, President
  • Shiree Giblin, Vice President
  • Penny Kerr, Treasurer
  • Ozzie Kinnard, Secretary
  • Gloria Jones, Chair, Entrance Maintenance Committee

*Please note: Maynegaite does not allow "For Sale" signs in their subdivision.

Olympia Club
  • Lee Langon, President
  • Lawrence Banks, Vice President
  • Willie Porter, Treasurer
  • Stacey Moore, Secretary
  • Karen Bankhead-Smith, Board Member
  • Hardy Williams, Member-at-Large
Olympia Fields East
  • Carlando Owens, President
  • Susan Moroney, Vice President
  • Arthur Byrd, Treasurer
  • Beverly Sanders, Secretary
  • Michele Owens, Chairman
  • Deborah Hampton, Chairman
  • Sam Cosentino, Chairman
  • Ilene Waite, At Large
  • Shirley Foster, At Large
  • Rochelle Hudson, At Large
  • Thomas McNeal, At Large
Original Village Homeowners Association
  • Sharon Bean, President
  • Jonathan Schroeder, Vice President
  • William Brown, Treasurer
  • Roxanna Delajartre, Secretary
  • Willett Hudson, Advisor
Suburban Woods
  • E. J. Bassette, President
  • Tasha Hardy, Treasurer
  • Donna Bassette, Secretary
  • Fran Beukeman, Beautification Chair

Traditions of Olympia fields
  • Charles Johnson, President
  • Ralph Hopper, Treasurer
  • Cathy Travis, Secretary
  • Arlene Stevens, Social Comittee
Trails of Olympia Fields
  • Neil L. Watkins, MD, President
  • Gale Baker, Vice-President
  • Desiree Watkins, Treasurer
  • Deborah Bennie, Secretary
Vienna Woods
  • George Chandler, President
  • Sandra Watkins, Secretary
  • Russ Seward, Treasurer 

  • Ernest Gibson, President
  • Gwen Bowen, Vice President
  • Sharron Flessner, Secretary
  • Robert Lewis, Treasurer
  • Raymond Harris
  • Charles Thomas


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