Selling Your Home in the Village?

When selling a house, the homeowner is required to arrange for an inspection by the Village prior to the sale.  An application for a Point of Sale (POS)  inspection must be completed at the Village Hall. The fee for inspection is $50 for each and every inspection.  

After a home is inspected and no code violations are found, the Building Department will issue a Certificate of Occupancy, which allows the the homeowner to move in.  

Inspections are conducted on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

To Request an Inspection

Renting Your Home in the Village?

Any home that will be used as a rental home must have a Rental Certificate of Occupancy issued before a tenant can move in.  Failure to comply will result in citations being issued and fines assessed. 

 Property owners must complete a Rental Inspection application at the Village Hall.  The fee is $50 for each and every inspection.  Inspections are conducted on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

A Rental Certificate of Compliance must be issued for each and every tenant.

To Request a Rental Inspection

Permit Forms and Contractor's License Forms

A permit must be obtained prior to the start of construction, alterations, repairs or improvements to any part of a building or structure. To obtain a permit for residential or commercial work, a permit application must be completed.  Permit fees start at $60 and increases according to the scope of the project.

When submitting a building permit application, the homeowner must attach a work order/proposal signed by both the contractor and the owner, listing the services to be performed.  The proposal must include the total cost of the project.

All documents must be attached to applications and emailed to as a complete packet. Incomplete submissions will not be accepted. 

To Request Permits or To Register as a Contractor

Opening a Business in the Village? 

Every business operating in the Village must be registered annually.   

When opening a new business, a rental inspection and fire inspection on the property will be required before the business can open.

Questions regarding fees or  opening a business in the Village can be directed to Gladys Foster, Economic Development Coordinator at 708-679-3404.

Alarm Registration

A homeowner must obtain a building permit to install an alarm system.  Once installed, the alarm must be registered per our Village Ordinance.  The cost of the one-time registration fee is $25.  A homeowner is allowed three false alarms within a year before being charged a $50 fine by the Village.  However, if an alarm is not registered, the first false alarm will result in a $50 fine.  

To Register Your Alarm

A permit is required for installation of alarm system

Miscellaneous Applications

Miscellaneous Forms