Animal Control

Make a Report

The Olympia Fields Police Department handles stray, sick and injured animals as safely and humanely as possible.  All domestic animals in the Village of Olympia Fields must be current on their rabies inoculation.  To report an emergency, please call 911.  If you have a non-emergency question about a stray animal, animal bite, animal abuse or to inquire about any other animal related issue, please call 708-503-8100.

Stray Animals

All dogs and cats must be leashed and under the owner's control when entering upon the lawn or private property of anyone but the animal owner.  Any dog or cat not on the premises of its owner or such other person who has custody, possession or control over the animal and is not on a leash is considered "at large" or a stray animal. Any dog or cat brought into any shop, store or retail establishment during operating hours or into any public building at any time (unless the dog or cat are working animals), shall be considered "at large."

Lost Pet

To see if your dog or cat has been collected by the Olympia Fields Police Department, please call 708-503-8100.  In order to redeem your animal, the owner must:

  • Pay directly to the Flossmoor Animal Hospital any daily kennel costs and the cost of any veterinary services provided.
  • Pay to the Village of Olympia Fields a $20 impounding fee, which will be in addition to any fine or other penalty provided under Village Ordinance and in addition to any costs of the pound and;
  • Present proof of valid rabies inoculation.
  • Provide proof of Village dog license or pay the cost of the license prior to release of the dog.

Animal Excrement

Village policy requires the removal of animal excrement in an expeditious and sanitary manner when done so upon the lawn or private property of anyone but the animal owner.  Failure to comply may result in an ordinance violation citation.

Coyotes and other Wild Animals

Coyote and other wildlife are prevalent in the Village of Olympia Fields.  Here are some tips to minimize encounters of wildlife on your property:

  • Do not allow spillage to accumulate outside of bird feeders.
  • Do not feed any wild animals.
  • Do not keep garbage cans outside.  If they are kept outside, tightly secure the lid.
  • Keep grilling equipment clean.
  • Take domestic animal food and water dishes inside daily, particularly at night.
  • When outdoors, keep small dogs and cats on leashes and stay with pets during the evening and early morning hours.
  • Additional coyote information can be found by clicking on this link.

Wildlife Removal

It is illegal to trap and/or remove otherwise healthy wildlife without proper permits.  Removal of any wildlife can only be done by a trapper licensed by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. The Olympia Fields Police Department is not authorized to remove coyotes or other wild animals from any property, unless the animal is diseased or injured.

While the Village does not endorse any wildlife removal service, the following businesses provide wildlife removal services in our area: