Crime Prevention Surveillance Camera Program

The Olympia Fields police Department is hoping to collaborate with homeowners and businesses to implement a new crime prevention and investigative program, which allows residents and businesses to help solve crime and help keep Olympia Fields a safe community.

By registering your residential or business surveillance camera (Ring, Nest, ADT, etc.,) you may help deter crime and assist your Police Department in its overall crime prevention strategy.  The registration process is fast and simple. 

Download the application here and return the form to the Olympia Fields Police Department. 

In the event an incident occurs in the vicinity of a registered camera, personnel from the Police Department would reach out to the homeowner or business requesting access to any recordings during the date and time frame in question. 

Registering a camera does not give the Department unlimited access to any recordings, rather it lets the Department know that there are cameras in the area.  This Program does not take away from being partnered with Ring, Nest, Neighbors or Next Door Apps which are different programs. 

Registered cameras will appear in a database and eventually on a GIS map.  Only the Police Department will have the ability to see where registered cameras are located.  Following an incident, police typically canvass the area attempting to obtain additional information. 

The Program will supplement and improve the canvassing process.  The Program will provide an opportunity for Officers to contact people on a lower profile basis while allowing Officers to reach residents who don’t answer the door.